In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, delays, or illness leading to cancellations, non-refundable fees may apply. To ensure you're protected during your upcoming stay, we recommend considering travel insurance coverage. While there are various options available, we'd like to introduce you to Safely.

This insurance policy can be purchased up to 10 days before your trip's arrival date or at the time of booking if the booking date is within 10 days of the arrival date. The coverage period extends up to 180 days in Alabama.

Cancellation of the policy is eligible for a full refund if canceled within 21 days of purchase. Beyond this period, the policy becomes non-refundable.

Please review their policy here:

To ensure your vacation is enjoyed safely, we encourage you to safeguard your travel arrangements. Click here to acquire travel insurance, please proceed with the purchase. Upon booking and payment completion for your stay, you acknowledge the offered travel insurance. Declining this coverage may result in cancellation fees. For additional information, refer to the short-term rental agreement available at the bottom of the main website. 

Regardless of your chosen provider, prioritize your protection.