Prior to bringing your pet(s), we kindly request your attention to our Pet Policy. It's important to note that we require some basic information about your furry companion(s), as specified in the sixth paragraph below. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your pet(s). Even if your pet is a Certified Support Animal, providing the information outlined in the sixth paragraph is necessary.

Pet Policy Details:

  1. We have a deep affection for all animals (we've even named our cabins after our beloved doggies!), but we only permit well-behaved and trained domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, to stay at the ViP cabins.

  2. ViP currently does not impose any limitations on the number of domestic pets allowed, as we genuinely recognize pets as part of the family. However, while our cabins offer ample space, we recommend considering a maximum of 2 small/large pets or 3 small/medium pets for the comfort of both you and your pets. It is essential to provide details for each pet before your stay, and ViP retains the right to deny or decline your pet's accommodation at the cabins.

  3. At present, ViP does not enforce any size or weight restrictions on pets.
  4. Your pet(s) must be current on all vaccinations, receiving flea/tick/heartworm preventative medication, and trained to relieve themselves outdoors. If you're bringing a cat, ensure the litter box doesn't produce strong odors (use a litter box air freshener if needed). To minimize furniture damage, it's preferable for traveling cats to be declawed.

  5. Please ensure that pet waste is promptly collected and disposed of in a proper manner using a poop bag. Under no circumstances should your pet's waste be left on the property.

  6. Upon booking your stay with us and intending to bring your pet(s), kindly send us a message shortly after booking with the following information: your pet's name(s), breed, size, date of last vaccination (annual shots), status of flea/tick/heartworm medication, and confirmation of potty training.

    Example: PET NAMES: LUCKY & COCO

    BREED: Beagle & Maltese/Chihuahua mix

    SIZE: Medium / 30 lbs. & Small / 10 lbs.

    LAST VACCINATION DATE: 3/1/2022 for both

    CURRENT FLEA/TICK/HEARTWORM MEDICATION: On monthly Simparica trio medication, last administered on 9/22/22 for both

    POTTY TRAINING: Both pets are potty trained.

  7. FULL DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PETS. While we do not request vaccination records, the details you provide about your pet(s) serve as your pet application to us. Please provide accurate information.
  8. Pets must be under your control at all times. If your pet is trained to be off-leash, that is acceptable. Otherwise, please ensure that your pet is always on a leash when outside of the cabin for the safety of your pet and the neighborhood.
  9. We rely on you to ensure that your pet(s) do not make excessive noise, cause disruption, or exhibit aggressive behavior toward our neighbors.
  10. Should your pet be considered dangerous, harmful, or disruptive, ViP LLC reserves the sole discretion to request that you seek alternative accommodations. Regrettably, there will be no refund on your rental fees in such circumstances.
  11. Kindly refrain from allowing your pet(s) on the furniture to prevent any damage or the need for excessive cleaning. We offer pet amenities, including a pet bed, blanket, bowls, and treats, for your convenience.
  12. Should the cabin necessitate extensive cleaning or incur damages due to your pet's actions, additional charges may apply for services such as, but not limited to, flea/tick fumigation, pet urine removal, and repairs.
  13. The compulsory cabin cleaning fee covers basic removal of pet hair shedding. If your pet(s) are heavy shedders, we kindly ask you to vacuum the pet hair to prevent any additional cleaning fees.

  14. Further details regarding our rental cabin policies, including those concerning pets, can be found in our Rental Agreement.
  15. By booking and completing payment for your ViP rental cabin, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Pet Policy and agree to adhere to its terms.

We appreciate your understanding of ViP's Pet Policy.